Pickup Truck or Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van? Considering Your Options


Regardless of your industry, needing a cargo vehicle inevitably presents you with a difficult choice: do you go with the traditional pickup truck, or would a cargo van better suit your needs? The choice will make a major impact on how you run your business, so you need to consider all variables that come with it.

Just a few years ago, that choice would have been easy. Pickup trucks were the business vehicle of choice, due to their power and ease of driving. But increasingly, cargo vans have caught up, to the point where they are not just a legitimate alternative but a serious threat to the predominance of trucks.

Should you choose a pickup truck or Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van for your business? Let’s look at the variables at play.

1) Confined & Dry Cargo Space

Pickup trucks are great because they can carry great amounts of cargo and equipment. But they also come with a major downfall: as soon as you load the truck higher than the cover, you expose it to the elements. That can lead to inconvenient rains, or–worse–snow threatening the integrity of your cargo.

With a cargo van, however, you don’t have that issue. While the square feet of the storage area are almost identical, you gain significant cubic feet simply because you can stack your cargo and equipment more. The Sprinter, for example, has a standing height of up to 78 inches, more than enough to store everything you need while keeping it dry and protected.

2) Additional Safety Features

Of course, the above-mentioned height can also come with concerns by some of our customers that the Sprinter will be more vulnerable to heavy crosswinds on the road. Fortunately, it comes equipped with crosswind assist technology that prevents it from ever becoming an issue, taking away another advantage trucks have traditionally had over their van counterparts.

That feature, of course, is just one of the many safety advantages that the Sprinter can offer. As Automotive Fleet notes, Mercedes has put safety first in this vehicle, offering a variety of features that help to prevent collisions by maintaining safe distances from other vehicles around you.

3) The Benefits of German Engineering

You may have noticed: trucks are a predominantly U.S. American vehicle, thanks in large part to the significant terrain challenges especially rural environments face. But that also leads to a significant disadvantage of choosing a truck: you can’t get the benefits of German engineering.

Through the bank, German car makers do not mass produce pickup truck. Instead, they focus their resources on more practical vehicles, which include cargo vans. The Sprinter is known throughout Europe as the leader of that class, and is starting to get that moniker in the U.S. as well.

4) Comparable Power and Engine

Don’t think that a truck can easily outperform this cargo van. Especially in the 6 cylinder, 4×4 option, Mercedes has built a powerful vehicle that can make it even through the muddiest of construction sites and the roughest terrain.

With the Sprinter, you’ll get a massive vehicle in terms of cargo space that can nonetheless offer the power of a pickup truck. It’s a unique combination, but one that many of our customers have had the chance to experience for their own businesses.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you are looking for the next vehicle for your business, choosing between a pickup truck and cargo van can seem difficult. Our suggestion: at least take a test drive in a cargo van to see how it could work for you. After you do, you may just be impressed enough to walk away with it. Contact us today to learn more.