How to Prolong Your MB Sprinter 15 Passenger Minibus Tires

Regular car maintenance can prevent your car from breaking down in the future. Oil changes, tune-ups and conserving your tires is an important part of owning a car. Tires are expensive, especially if you have to frequently buy a full set. We have compiled a checklist of tips that can help extend the life of your MB Sprinter 15 Passenger Minibus tires:

1. Regularly Check Your Tire For Signs of Wear and Tear

First, take the time to visually inspect your tires every month for any signs of wear and tear. Look inside the tire to see if it is wearing out faster than on the outside. When you have trouble with the vehicle’s suspension it can cause weathered tires. Mechanical problems like suspension issues can also make the Minibus sit on its tires the wrong way.

2. Always Check Your Tire Pressure

Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 15 Passenger Minibus has been specifically equipped to handle a range of tough conditions, from unpaved roads to land covered with rocks and sand. However, these conditions tend to have a negative effect on your tires over time and cause slow leaks, punctures, and irregular tread wear. An under-inflated tire can also lead to irregular wear and more stress on the tires. If left unchecked, this can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and possibly lead to a car accident.

Did you know that a tire can lose up to fifty percent of its initial pressure after you inflate it with air? This change is almost imperceptible to the naked eye? It is important to periodically check your tire pressure at least every other month due to this fact. If you don’t want to take your car to a tire shop every month, you can buy a simple tire gauge at a retail store or an auto parts store to accurately measure your tire pressure.

3. Check Your Vehicle’s Tire Alignment Regularly

Generally, if your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 15 Passenger Minibus suspension system is not aligned, it can cause your tires to wear and lead to handling problems. In addition, rough roads and potholes can exacerbate the problem. Vehicles with independent rear suspensions and front wheel drive typically require frequent wheel alignment. We recommend that you see an experienced tire dealer to periodically check your alignment. They should also be able to check your tire balance so that it doesn’t vibrate o cause unnecessary wear.

4. Remember to Rotate Your Tires

Even though this sounds quite simple, tire rotation can significantly extend the life of your vehicle’s tires. Please keep in mind that different areas of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 15 Passenger Minibus supports different amounts of weight. This unequal weight distribution can cause your car tires to wear out  unevenly on different sides of the vehicle and at different rates. It is not uncommon to find the right or left side of your car being heavier than the other side, this will inadvertently cause the tires on the heavier side to wear much faster. This is why we recommend you rotate your tires you can extend their overall lifespan. Regular rotation of your tires ensures that they all wear out at the same rate. This means that you won’t be called upon to prematurely start replacing some of your tires because other tires in the same car still have lots of tread life in them. When doing the rotation, keep in mind that at times the rear and front tires may require different pressures, so make sure you adjust this pressure accordingly.

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