4 Reasons Your Retirement Home Should Consider the MB Sprinter Minibus


Retirement homes do great work. They help individuals who are no longer able to live on their own continue to live a fulfilling and active life. At the same time, not every resident agrees. In fact, especially new arrivees may feel boxed in by the requirements of living in assisted living.

That’s why retirement homes tend to offer regular trips to the local mall, the church, or a local attraction that keeps daily life interesting and prevents residents from falling into a destructive routine. But of course, your assisted living community can only take advantage of this opportunity if it has a vehicle to transport its residents at its disposal.

A number of vehicles compete for your attention, should you add to the fleet of your retirement home. But we’ll argue that in fact, the MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger is your ideal option. Here are 4 reasons why.

1) A Smooth and Comfortable Ride

To even be considered, any vehicle you choose absolutely has to accommodate your residents. Retirees don’t tend to be as sure on their feet or possess the same amount of balance they had in their younger years. In addition, any seating needs to be comfortable enough to prevent pain and injuries during longer rides.

The Sprinter Minibus scores points in both categories. Its smooth ride is emblematic of the Mercedes Brand, which is known throughout the world for its engines. In addition, comfortable seating benches and plenty of headroom ensure that every passenger can enjoy the ride rather than worrying about its consequences.

2) Abundant Safety Features

Speaking of consequences: as the manager of a retirement home, you’re liable for your residents. Any method of transportation has to account for that fact, and minimize risks as much as possible.

Fortunately, the Sprinter offers an abundance of safety features even in its base model. From lane assist to blind spot assist, you can be sure that every drive is as safe as it possibly could be.

3) Excellent Resale Value

For retirement homes, and any businesses, resale values matter. You don’t want to invest a good chunk of your revenue into a vehicle that will depreciate and be worth little should you decide to invest your money elsewhere.

Mercedes Benz vehicles, of course, are known throughout the world for their excellent resale value. The Sprinter is relatively new in the USA, but has been an established entity throughout Europe, where experts consistently rank it as the best possible investment among its class for that exact reason. Your purchase, in other words, will function as a sound, long-term investment.

4) The ‘Curb Appeal’ of a Minibus

All of the above are very rational reasons to utilize a Sprinter Minibus as part of your Retirement home. But don’t underestimate the qualitative reasons, as well: offering a Mercedes as your vehicle of choice to transport your passengers simply looks good to residents and clients.

Imagine having the famous Mercedes star be the first thing new residents see when they visit your facility. Of course, you’ll want to wrap it and brand it as well, turning it into the perfect billboard for your retirement home at any location. The Sprinter is not just any Minibus. It’s the representative of one of the most prestigious auto brands worldwide, and your residents will notice that fact.

In short, your retirement home could benefit from the MB Sprinter Minibus in more than one way. But of course, you’ll still need to be sure that it’s the right fit not just for your residents, but for you as well. For that step, contact us. We’d love to have a chat about your individual needs, and invite you to our lot for a test drive.