Ride Sharing With a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van

The ride sharing industry is booming. Companies like Uber and Lyft continue to gain market share, especially compared to traditional transportation companies.

And yet, a number of passengers are still hesitant to use services that rely on private citizens to transport them from point A to point B. Especially services like Uber Pool, in which you have to share a car with not only the driver but other, unknown passengers, prove to be a barrier for most passengers used to more private (and official) transportation methods.

That of course, puts any driver in the system into a difficult situation. How do you convince passengers that your ride will be both safe and worthy of attempting again? Perhaps the right vehicle can help. Sometimes, impression is all that matters – and that is where the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van delivers.

A Stellar Reputation

Think of the Mercedes Benz brand. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Your impressions are likely positive: quality, luxury, and German engineering are all popular descriptors that we hear. As it turns out, your passengers will think the same thing.

Mercedes has, without a doubt, a stellar reputation around the globe. Imagine a passenger hesitant to use your service, but realizing that the ride they’re about to take is in a Mercedes. Naturally, many of the doubts will go away. In fact, that’s the exact reason many German taxi services use Mercedes cars to transport their passengers.

Impressive Safety Features

One reason that makes Mercedes vehicles, and especially vans, so well regarded are their safety features. When you get into a Benz, you know that you’ll be safe on your way to your destination. Features like Crosswind and Lane Assist help the driver ensure the safety of their passengers at all times.

Your passengers may not know about these features. If that’s the case, educate them. But if they do, they’ll be even more likely to get into your car and accept the ride as the best way to get them where they need to go. Finally, you will get peace of mind knowing that your likelihood of an accident with strangers in your car will be greatly reduced.

Plenty of Comfort

It’s a credit to the Sprinter Passenger Van that we have gotten this far into the post without discussing the undeniable comfort that your passengers will experience during their ride. These vans are built for larger audience groups, meaning that climbing even into the back bench is a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, during the ride, the three benches will allow your guests the leg space and head room to get comfortable. They’ll be happy to go with your services again the next time they need a ride.

An Affordable Price

Finally, especially if you make a living by driving for services such as UberPOOL, you need to make sure that the vehicle that will become your livelihood is not too expensive for you to afford. Even a great car means little if it’s so expensive that you need a lot of time to work off your debt.

Fortunately, especially for its size, the Sprinter Van is surprisingly affordable. It starts at $33,000, the price of many (much smaller) new mini vans. But because you can transport a much larger group of people, you will be able to work off that price surprisingly quickly.

Intrigued yet? If your business involves driving for ride sharing services, the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van is definitely worth a closer look. Of course, you should also make sure you can drive it comfortably, so contact us. We’d love to give you a test drive that helps acclimate you with your new vehicle.