Starting an Independent Contractor Delivery Business Using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van

This is an exciting opportunity available for people who want to work for themselves, yet also want the security of getting regular work from a larger company. As an independent contractor, delivery drivers with their own Sprinter vans are a business unto themselves. Contracting out delivery services with a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van is a great opportunity for the right person. So, what should people consider when starting an independent contractor delivery business using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van?

Is the Work Suitable for You?

Being an independent contractor is essentially being an owner/operator of a small business; self-employment taxes, vehicle maintenance, health care, and other business expenses, are taken out of the gross revenue made. This means a person needs to be business-minded, enough to calculate profit and manage business tasks.

Another main aspect of this kind of work, that a person needs to be suited for, is driving long hours and hundreds of miles a day. Do you like to drive in the country and the city? Both are necessary for this type of work, and remember you’ll be in a larger vehicle than a sedan.

Also, how far does a person want to travel from home? This is a choice business owners can make, although, when limiting the range of a delivery service, income opportunities become limited as well. Yet, some people have families and/or don’t want to travel OTR, so local or regional opportunities are their focus. Being a business owner gives owner/operators the flexibility to choose their delivery range depending on their needs.

Is this a suitable business opportunity for you? This is the first question that needs to be answered, because starting this business will take solid commitment and perseverance. The start-up is the hardest part, just like any other job or career. People need to have the right perspective around starting and owning an independent contractor delivery business; this is a career opportunity and there’s a learning curve when starting out.

Starting Out

How much does it cost to start an independent contractor delivery business, using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van? Every entrepreneur must ask this question when considering the viability of any business idea. The main expense is the MB Sprinter van itself, likely financed for 3-5 years (we’ll say 5/years for our estimates).

The MB Sprinter van should be chosen according to:

  • the type and range of delivery service it’s intended for
  • price and monthly financed payment amount
  • mileage and condition

The price range is from $10k – $60k (2016 new: starting at $32,500), depending largely upon the year, mileage, condition, and features. A very nice and dependable used 2013 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van with low mileage can be found for around $20k. The amount financed, to get a new or used Sprinter cargo van, will be paid from the gross profits made from being an independent contractor.

Commercial business insurance is another monthly business expense to consider, which could be around $150/month. So, let’s say $20k is financed for 5 years and has $350/month payments plus insurance, equaling: $500/monthly business expenses; taxes, vehicles maintenance, and other business expenses would be taken out from monthly gross revenue as well.

Startup costs would only be the down payment on the Sprinter van, yet right away the $500/monthly business expenses will need to bepaid. This means work should already be lined up by the owner/operator, so money can be made right away with the newly financed Sprinter van. This may mean one continuous contract job with one company for years, or it could mean working for multiple companies at once.

The Right Perspective

This is a career opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to spend around $1,500 – $10k to start (mostly from the down payment on Sprinter van). Think about how much money the university student spends in order to get 4 or 6 year degree, in the end making the same amount as the independent contractor delivery business! Or, how hard does a person have to work to make $15/hr working for someone else, even with skilled labor?

The point is, starting a delivery business as an independent contractor, using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van, is as easy as: financing a Sprinter van, paying the monthly payment, and finding companies to contract work through. This is a low-cost startup career opportunity, which allows a person to work for themselves and make a middle-class wage working full-time (est: $36k – $60k/year net profit after taxes and business expenses).

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