Stay Nimble During Winter With the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van

We’re in the midst of yet another cold winter in the Boston Area, which is not only inconvenient for private citizens but can significantly hamper your business. Especially when you put together bad weather and a tight city to navigate in, getting your cargo from point A to point B is not always easy.

That’s where the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van enters the equation. Its size, safety features, and usability make it the perfect vehicle for city driving, especially if you are looking to transport equipment and cargo through urban areas in cold weather.

Understanding the Metris‘ Size

On the outside, the Metris is small. On the inside, especially its cargo area is surprisingly spacious. That’s the core appeal of this vehicle, making it ideal in areas that don’t offer much space for businesses who still need that space.

Though the Metris is only 202″ long and 74″ high, it offers almost 200 cubic feet in cargo volume. A payload of over 2,500 pounds ensures that even heavy equipment and cargo can be easily transported without losing any of the maneuverability of safety features usually reserved for small vehicles.

The Safety Features of Mercedes Vans

One area in which the Metris (and Mercedes Vans in general) particularly shine are their safety features. As you can imagine, these features become immensely beneficial during winter and cold seasons in large urban areas like Boston.

Mercedes vans like the Sprinter and Metris are routinely rated among the safest vehicle in their classes. That is no coincidence: thanks to an abundance of airbags and features such as lane assist, your van actually helps you stay on track on the way to your destination. Meanwhile, your cargo will be protected through built-in cargo hooks.

Nimble Driving in City Areas

Business that operate in urban areas know: driving in the city streets is significantly different from driving in a suburban or rural environment. Whether you operate a construction business or a moving company, you need vehicles that can navigate through one-way streets and on-street parking areas without issue.

That need becomes especially important during the winter. Now, every driving mistake you make is exaggerated, while snowy areas limit the space you have to navigate even further. To solve the problem, consider a vehicle like the Metris, which is small enough to navigate through while still

Finding the Right Vehicle for Snowy Seasons

Given these advantages, it’s clear that the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van is the ideal vehicle for any business operating or driving into urban areas on a regular basis. And as it turns out, these benefits only become more important as the weather gets worse.

In the Boston area, we’re used to cold winters. Unfortunately, we’re also used to these winters getting so bad, the infrastructure shuts down. As a business, you cannot afford losing revenue simply because your vehicles are not equipped to handle the snow and ice.

We don’t sell the Mercedes Metris as some type of magic vehicle that allows you to magically drive smoothly across even the most icy areas. We do, however, know that it can handle these conditions better than its rivals. So as we enter the middle of the cold season, why not improve your business fleet to prepare for the middle of winter?

That’s where we can help. As the area’s most credible seller of Mercedes vans, we know the benefits that these vehicles can provide your business. We can also customize them to make sure that the cargo van you get is the cargo van your business needs. To learn more about the Metris, and to take it out for a spin to ensure the right fit, contact us.