The 2016 Mercedes Metris Cargo Van is Perfect Size for Businesses

American contractors and businesses needing a mid-sized cargo van, now have an excellent option available at an affordable price. This model has all the reliable and proven features you’d expect from Mercedes, yet at an affordable price you can manage. Let’s examine the 2016 Mercedes Metris Cargo Van, and see what it has to offer.

“Mid-Size is the Right Size”

This is the Mercedes slogan for their first mid-sized cargo van to hit the American market. One of the best reasons to consider getting a Metris, is the usability factor contributed by its’ perfect size. For instance, this cargo van is designed to make getting around metropolitan and suburban areas easier, for contractors and businesses.

The Metris has 40-50 percent more cargo room than a regular van, but can comfortably fit into a standard garage. This makes securing tools and protecting your valuable assets easier, either at home when parking it in the garage or at work in an on-site garage. This is one reason Mercedes thinks “mid-size is the right size” for those in need of a cargo van smaller than a Sprinter, but larger than regular vans.

Price and Features

The Mercedes Metris‘ price point is a feature in itself, as the Cargo version starts out at only $28,950 new. Not bad considering the reliability and proven characteristics of Mercedes, and especially considering the great standard features it has such as:

    • 4 cylinder M274 turbo gas engine
    • Towing capacity of 5,000 lbs
    • 208 Horsepower
    • 7 speed transmission
    • Rear Wheel Drive
    • Can use regular gas

Safety Features

On top of looking good, the Metris also comes with some high-end standard safety features like attention assistant, and an alignment sensor to keep the van going straight when encountering high winds. Other features available are parking assistant, a camera located in back with monitor, and a navigation system.

Of course, these are in addition to the reputation of safety Mercedes already has, with their proven and reliable designs for driver and passenger safety. And the mid-size van will be easier to manage through metropolitan and suburban areas, making it a safer choice for contractors, without losing much cargo space compared to a Sprinter van.

Commercial Use

This is a perfectly sized and powered cargo van for contractors and businesses to consider purchasing for the long-haul. While only having a 4 cylinder turbo engine, the torque and horsepower are powerful enough to haul even up to 5,000 pounds! The drive line and engine design has been modified with an adaptive design for commercial use.

When it comes down to it, there’s nothing on the market to compare regarding competition. Mercedes wanted to meet a need in the American market, for a perfectly sized mid-sized cargo van, which gets: great gas mileage, has a high EPA rating, can haul 40-50% more than a regular van, and can still fit in a standard garage. This makes this a practical solution in a city work environment, while also having the power for large projects.


The 2016 Mercedes Metris is designed to be the right size and have the right features, for contractors and businesses in the cities and suburbs to have the perfect cargo van for their everyday needs. With an elegant design and advanced standard features included, theMetris also includes a proven and reliable engine with all the power needed.

With an affordable price, the Metris is sure to be a hit on the American market. The 15k estimated maintenance interval is another benefit, which along with a reliable engine and design is sure to provide sustainability with long-term ownership.

Sprinter Guy Boston is available to help you understand the benefits, and help you attain a Mercedes Metris for yourself. With the lowest prices around and nationwide shipping available, finding the perfect mid-sized cargo van has never been easier. To learn more about the Mercedes 2016 Metris Cargo Van, please contact us today.