The Benefits of a Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van For Your Moving Company

When you operate a moving company, two variables matter above all: your movers, and your moving vehicle. If you are above average in both, you will quickly set yourself apart from your competition and satisfy your customers on an ongoing basis.

But how do you accomplish that feat? How can you make sure to not only hire great movers, but also provide them with a vehicle that gives them everything they need to move your clients’ possessions safely and reliably? That’s where the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van comes in. In fact, it may just be the perfect vehicle for your moving company.

Just the Right Size

In the moving business, size matters. The last thing you want is to provide your movers with a vehicle that’s not actually big enough to effectively transport your clients’ possessions from their old to their new living space.

At the same time, especially in larger Metropolitan areas like Boston, you also can’t afford a large truck that simply doesn’t fit into narrow streets without much parking. That’s what makes the Sprinter such a perfect vehicle.

Almost 320 cubic feet allow for a payload capacity of more than 3,500 pounds. A standing height of 66 inches can easily be expanded to 87 inches (more than 7 feet), depending on the model. It’s just the right size to fit enough possessions without becoming cumbersome on tight roads.

Flexibility According to Cargo Volume

Still, you may have to make multiple trips. And most clients want to help move possessions, but taking their car along on those trips may be difficult. So how about a bench that, on smaller loads, can easily be added in to the vehicle for additional passenger capacity?

This flexibility is what makes the Crew Van so unique within the Mercedes family and among full-size vans in general. Thanks to side windows, passengers can even enjoy the ride alongside their cargo. Meanwhile, that cargo is always within reach and everyone can easily be transported from point A to point B.

Keeping Your Clients’ Possessions Safe

What’s your nightmare scenario in moving a client into a new home? Our guess is that accidentally damaging their possessions ranks near the top of the list. You might be insured against it, but it’s still not a risk you want to take.

Any vehicle, then, has to account for keeping its cargo as safe as possible. And that’s exactly where Mercedes Vans stand out. Standard safety features such as crosswind assist and lane assist help you steer possessions safely toward their new home, while built in tie down loops help secure cargo even in the event something should happen.

Ideal Resale Value

Finally, don’t underestimate the impact a Mercedes van can make in helping your business remain sustainable. Buying a Sprinter Crew Van is not a cost, but rather an investment. That’s because of the high resale value of Mercedes vehicles, which allows you to get rid of the vehicle easily should you ever need to downsize or switch strategy.

Of course, it may never come to that. In that case, your Sprinter will merely be a high-value vehicle in your fleet for the duration of its lifespan. Either way, your business benefits, far beyond the actual moving utilities that this vehicle can offer.

Convinced yet? The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van might just be the vehicle that your moving business needs to put it over the top and past its competition. Your movers will appreciate its benefits as much as your clients, who will be naturally impressed by being serviced with a top-end cargo vehicle. To learn more about the Crew Van, and how you can test drive one to ensure the right fit, contact us.