The Benefits of Leasing A Fleet of Mercedes Metris Cargo Vans for Your Business


Many business owners decide to lease a fleet of vehicles in bulk to save money. Regardless if you are leasing a fleet of Mercedes-BenzMetris Cargo Vans, every vehicle manufacturer will offer a discount to businesses that are willing to purchase vehicles in bulk. Different dealerships offer new and used cars for much less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This kind of preferred pricing is only available to companies who want to buy or lease five or more vehicles. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you decide to lease a Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van or another vehicle for your business.

Reduce Your Costs With Technology

Established fleet leasing providers offer a variety of tools that can help you manage expenses. Some of these tools include fuel expenditure records, location and tracking, and fleet maintenance reminders.

Apart from helping you save time and money, fleet management tools closely monitor expenses to identify and efficiently deal with any problems that may arise. All these aim at improving productivity, enhancing workflows and ensuring all elements of the fleet are operating at its best.

Enjoy Fleet Maintenance Expertise

Fleet leasing providers are responsible for providing routine fleet maintenance for exceptional road performance. This includes roadside assistance programs. An experienced company has all it takes to offer maintenance programs allowing the company fleet management to focus on other important operations. The maintenance services are usually included in a flat monthly fee, allowing the company fleet management to build the cost into an operations expense budget. Moreover, fleet lease providers are well connected with various service providers hence they are in a good position to negotiate for reduced rates. This helps to save money.

Enjoy Fuel Programs

When you lease a fleet through an established provider, you can benefit from controlled spending at the pump. Many companies offer effective fuel programs for preventative maintenance. This can help to control fleet costs over time.

Enjoy Tax Advantages

Did you know there are considerable tax benefits associated with corporate vehicle leasing? There are two major types of fleet leases – an operating lease and a capital lease. The benefits you will enjoy usually vary depending on the type of lease. Usually, the operating lease is not listed as a liability or an asset on the financial statement. The lease payments are treated as an expense instead and the lease obligation becomes a footnote on the balance sheet. This means you can enjoy significant financial tax benefits and the full lease obligation will not affect the balance sheet. On the other hand, when it comes to a capital lease, you are treated as the owner for tax purposes and it is viewed as a purchase. Your business can also claim depreciation on the asset on the fleet on yearly basis and deduct the interest expense of the fleet lease payments.

Improve Your Corporate Image

Companies that maintain new, dependable and attractive fleet vehicles on the road benefit from an improved company image. With a reliable fleet, the public is more likely to perceive your company in a positive manner. Many people out there associate the quality and brand of the vehicle they see on the road with the company’s service quality and general image. If you use low quality, old, and unattractive vehicles in your fleet it can have a negative impact on the company’s image. You can also be confident that your business will enjoy more fuel efficiency, enhanced safety features, and other qualities due to the quality of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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