The Best Compact Mobile Air Compressor Systems for your Sprinter

Guest Post by Aly McAndrews of VMAC Global Technology Inc.

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There are so many wonderful things about the Mercedes Sprinter Van, and one of them is how versatile it is. Applications are many and varied, whether it’s carting around a large family, luxury transportation or for use in a commercial fleet.

Sprinters have been a go-to for commercial fleets in Europe for years. In fact, they are more common than trucks. The reasons for this are obvious. They are better on gas, they provide more protection for hauling during cold European winters, and the options for upfitting are endless and easily customizable.


Thankfully, North American upfitters and tool manufacturers are starting to take notice of the growing number of commercial Sprinter fleets across the continent, and are developing great products specifically for them. We are increasingly seeing Sprinters used in construction, utilities, plumbing and electrical.

One of these manufacturers is VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors), a company based in Canada that arguably makes the best compact mobile air compressor systems in the world.


VMAC is on the leading edge of Sprinter-specific tools. Earlier this year, they released the UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system – a rotary screw air compressor that is installed under the hood of the Sprinter and provides 30 CFM of continuous air power.

Finding a useful air solution for commercial vans has been a challenge. Most upfitters resort to a skid-mount system that allows the heavy piece of equipment to be moved in and out of the van, which causes all sorts of issues. The weight being the most obvious, it’s a cumbersome piece of equipment for one worker to maneuver and often ends in injury. Some upfitters try to install proper ventilation in the van body, however if something goes wrong with the complex system, fumes can be a major risk quickly. Even if the ventilation does work well enough to keep everyone safe, it often makes the rest of the cargo reek of fuel.

The UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor addresses both of these issues and solves some others. Since the system is installed on the engine, there is no need to move a heavy piece of equipment in and out of the body, and ventilation takes care of itself, keeping workers much safer. It also speeds the time required to set up for a job – a button simply needs to be pushed and by the time you walk to the back of the van, it is ready to go. The system is extremely lightweight. It only adds an additional 62 lbs (with oil) to the van. This is a small fraction of the weight of competitor’s units, not including the skid. An additional 62 lbs does basically nothing to fuel consumption, leaving more space and weight for materials.

The UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system has another advantage for the Sprinter; since it housed under the hood, it is protected from the elements – it doesn’t overheat as quickly in extreme heat and it stays warm longer in extreme cold. This improves productivity in the heat of summer and the depths of winter, ensuring the Sprinter can get to more jobs everyday.

One last major benefit of the UNDERHOOD LITE that has to be mentioned is performance and quality. It matches that of the Sprinter. VMAC is known for its high manufacturing standards just like Mercedes. The UNDERHOOD LITE will last as long as the Sprinter, and if anything goes wrong, it is backed by the best warranty in the business, a VMAC Lifetime Warranty.

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