The Four Best Things About the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van

The Mercedes Metris passenger van is pretty awesome. How awesome? So awesome that we came up a list of the four best things about it, and we had trouble stopping there! And not just the four best things but four things that have multiple components within each category of four that will impress both you and your passengers.

Design of the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van

The design of the Mercedes Metris has comfort as well as performance in mind.

One of the components of the Metris passenger van’s design is the rear tailgate door that is designs to make loading and unloading in tight spaces easy to do. The rear tailgate door is optional but the standard doors are double rear doors that have maximum clearance and open wide for loading and unloading luggage and any other cargo passengers need.

Another convenient option is the electric sliding doors that have wide, ample room for passengers on both sides; this makes it easier for passengers to get in and out with ease.

Want to make it easier for your drivers? The optional navigation system is a 5.8 inch full-color screen system that ensures that drivers navigate the roads safely and won’t get lost no matter where they are going.

Size and Safety

Mercedes Benz is well known for its attention to detail and well-thought out focus on safety. Here are just a few of the details on size specifications as well as safety features.

Seating is standard for up to eight people with plenty of legroom and shoulder room that adults will find comfortable and roomy.

Even though the Metris is roomy, it still has the capability to fit in tight spots, ride through low parking structures, and maneuver tight streets with no problem at all.

Safety is of the utmost importance and with Crosswind Assist as a standard on the Metris, it keeps the vehicle from drifting from the lane due to crosswinds and uses targeted braking technology on individual wheels. Another standard equipment you will find is Attention Assist which ensures that sleepy drivers are monitored and are given an early warning if detected.

Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program is what provides automatic braking and keeps the vehicle under control. It reduces engine power and stabilizes it if there is over-steering, under-steering, or wheel spin detected and just another example of what Mercedes Benzprovides as standard equipment to protect their customers.

Along with standard equipment, there are options such as Lane Keeping Assist which warns the driver if he has crossed the line while driving, keeping passengers and the driver safer from an accident.

Another optional piece of equipment is active parking assist which is extremely helpful in tight spaces. What this does is maneuver and sense automatically into parking spaces. The driver simply has to operate the brake pedal and accelerator and that’s it!

Transmission: Introducing the 7G-Tronic

The Mercedes Metris comes standard with the 7G-Tronic transmission which is a fast-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission. It has been refined to give maximum fuel efficiency, a longer service life, reduced noise, and an overall better performance.

As you can see, there are so many features and benefits to the Mercedes Metris passenger van that we could go on and on. Every feature and benefit has been created with the customer in mind, as well as the safety of the driver, passengers, and those on the highway. It’s well above any in its class and will impress your passengers as well as make it easier on your drivers.

If you want to learn more about what this passenger van can do for you, simply contact us so we can tell you more.