The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo Gives Your Transport Business a Luxurious Flair

Looking professional is always essential in a transport service, even if your budget is actually more modest. It’s all about aesthetics when it comes to making your transport passengers comfortable, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are the best available on the market.

The MB Sprinter Limo is yet another good example of this through its classy exterior and interior. What’s even better is they’re more affordable than some limo vans out there, letting you save money without it showing.

When you go through the right dealer like us at Sprinter Guy Boston, you’ll get an even better price and still enjoy the many amenities these vans provide.

As a transport van for someone who travels on a tour, these vehicles are exceptional. Rather than having to invest in a much more expensive tour bus, the Sprinter Limo gives you just as many features while never making a long ride a dull moment.

Even if you just transport passengers locally to airports or to hotels, the design is one making anyone feel as if they’re already in a private room.

A Classy Exterior

While most of the Sprinter Limos have a black exterior, they all provide tinted windows so you can transport numerous people privately. All van limos come designed with enough internal amenities so passengers can party away as if already in a hotel.

They’ll want privacy while doing this so those passing by can’t peer in. The same goes for normal passengers you’re transporting to local venues. Some passengers may even want to sleep during transport, and they obviously don’t want those driving by to see them.

When the Sprinter Limo pulls up to pick someone up, it automatically denotes class. Despite all models being black, the interior still has numerous customized options to create what your customers prefer.

Interior Finishes and Seating

Many prefer to keep the interior black as well, though you have other color choices. You can create black with dark cherry colors through the interior body. Mahogany colors are available as well with dark cherry surfaces.

Within your interior, you’ll have leather seats and couches available for the ultimate in comfort during long trips. These come in a J shape or in three-seat plans, depending on how many people you transport at a time.

It’s possible to transport anywhere between ten to sixteen passengers at a time, which makes it perfect for short road tours. But other amenities in the interior let you accommodate all situations while again giving requested privacy.

Interior Design Details

If your passengers hold parties in your Sprinter Limo, many versions provide a driver partition for the ultimate privacy protection. You even get ceiling treatment options like translucent panels so riders can see the sky as they travel at night without anyone seeing through from outside.

Overlay carpeting gives complete comfort when walking around inside. This means your passengers can remove their shoes if they want to and not worry about having to navigate a hard or slippery floor.

Entertainment Options

All limos are known for having bars, and the Sprinter Limo gives you a beautiful one with the luxurious finishes mentioned above. The bar has different configurations to suit your interior design plan. In either case, the couches and other seating have placement next to the bar for easy access. With a durable bar design, you don’t have to worry about glasses sliding off the surface.

For TV, you get 32-inch video screens for live television or movies. Along with numerous USB ports, you have everything needed for passengers to have fun during a transport without feeling bored or like they’re being watched.

Contact us here at Sprinter Guy Boston so we can help you find a great deal on a Sprinter Limo to add luxury to your transport business.