The Mercedes Metris and Sprinter Passenger Vans: Which One is Right For You?


If you are reading this post, you probably decided to take a closer look into buying a Mercedes Van. Congratulations! You are on your way to getting a vehicle that will be reliable for your personal or business use for a long time to come.

But even if you have (rightfully) realized the many benefits that owning a Mercedes Benz van brings, your array of choices is not over. Now comes a decision that may be even more difficult: will the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van or the larger Sprinter alternative be the better choice for you? The answer to that question depends on a variety of factors.

The Number of Passengers You’ll Regularly Drive

This variable is the most obvious in choosing between the two alternatives. The Sprinter has enough room for up to 11 passengers plus the driver, while the Metris can ‘only’ hold 7 plus the driver.

Depending on your individual situation, either works well. If you plan on simply driving around your household, the Metris will be enough in most cases. But if you carpool to your children’s schools, transport extended family members, or simply have greater passenger needs, the Sprinter is a better choice.

The easy solution here is to go with the bigger alternative by default. But that does not take into account the other variables that are important when choosing between the Sprinter and the Metris.

Needing to Fit in Small Spaces

This variable is almost as obvious, but in the opposite direction. Simply put, the Metris is smaller than the Sprinter. Its 202″ length, 76″ width and 75″ height compares favorably to the up to 290″ length, 80″ width and up to 109″ height of its ‘larger brother.’

In most situations, these measurements can make a significant difference. City driving, for example, is significantly easier in the Metris. In addition, if you want to fit in parking garages (many of which have a maximum height that accommodates the Metris but not the Sprinter, the smaller alternative is the better choice.

If size matters, in other words, take a closer look at the Metris. It sacrifices some interior space for significantly smaller exterior dimensions.

Navigating Rough Terrain

If city driving favors the Metris, country living definitely makes an argument in favor of the Sprinter. The full-size van comes with a 4×4 option that allows you to navigate even the roughest possible terrain in style and comfort. The Metris does not have the same capability, which means you should stick to the main roads wherever possible.

In the Boston area, we can get some rough winters. If you don’t want to have to worry about the snow and icey conditions at any point, the Sprinter might just be the companion for you. It navigates rough terrain significantly better than its smaller counterparts, due to a more powerful engine.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, choosing between the two vehicle comes down to a simple truth: which one you prefer when you first get behind the wheel. The best and most thorough can be either validated or undone by a simple test drive in which you simply feel more comfortable with one over the other.

The benefit of test driving both, of course, is that the Sprinter and Metris are so closely related. Both come with the same extensive safety features and high-quality Mercedes Benz engines, ensuring that whichever choice you make, you will not come to regret it.

So which will it be? The answer between Sprinter and Metris ultimately depends on your individual situation and personal preference. To learn more about each alternative, and to get behind the wheel for a test drive of your potential future vehicle, contact us.