The Mercedes Metris Cargo Van: 6 Key Features You Should Consider

If you’re searching for a cargo or a commercial van, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of vans, including the MercedesMetris Cargo Van. Are you still confused about what to look for? Below are five key features you should consider when trying to decide which cargo or commercial van is best for you.

Cargo Dimensions

It is very important that you get the correct cargo dimensions, especially if you must transport large and bulky items for your business. In this regard, we recommend that you bring a tape measure to the car dealership. You can also look up additional measurements on the Mercedes-Benz website.


Maneuverability is another feature that many people consider before purchasing a van. Although it can be tempting, you can’t rely on numbers and statistics. Even though these numbers come in quite handy in other aspects (like how fast the van can make a U-turn) they are almost impossible to apply in other real world situations. When you test drive the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van, try to parallel park the vehicle and see how it handles the road. A long and thorough test drive is the best way to get an accurate feel for its maneuverability. Try to test drive the unit in certain spots or areas that you know drive in frequently so you can make observations about your ability to back the van up, change traffic lanes and other important tests.


Obviously, size is also a top concern. Most drivers are generally concerned with the interior and exterior size of the cargo van. Without doubt, size is important and the current vans on the market offer a variety to choose from. One of the largest full-size vans is the MercedesMetris Cargo Van, which offers users anything from 318 cubic ft (its most basic configuration) to the full-size, nearly 550 cubic ft. This size is perfect for busy individuals who want to have more than enough space in their vehicle.


An important factor you need to take into consideration when searching for the right cargo van is the payload. This is particularly more pronounced if you intend to transport big and heavy loads. The payload capacity of Mercedes Metris Cargo Van is one of the best in the industry. The van can carry anything between 3,000 to 5,000 pounds depending on the specific model that you decide to purchase.


Lastly, upgrades are one way you can buy a van and adjust it according to your exact taste. If you want to buy the Metris Cargo Van only for commercial use, it is better to get upgrades that will allow you and your employees to get the job done quicker. However, make sure you don’t miss out any essentials while you are choosing your upgrade features. Even though you can operate without power accessories like a CD player, other features may be worth looking into. For example, a keyless entry can save you time. You can also choose to upgrade and get power mirrors. This is can be a big help, especially since the van is too wide for you to manually reach across and adjust your mirrors. You should also consider installing reverse cameras and other parking assistance systems to prevent accidents. The additional expense may cost you some extra cash up front, but these upgrades can prevent car accidents and other bad situations.

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