The Mercedes Metris Cargo Van: Superior Size and Design Made for the Open Road

The Mercedes Metris Cargo Van was a staple in Europe for two decades before it finally came here to the U.S. to considerable fanfare. Some might question why it took so long for such a unique and economical passenger van to reach the states. But now that it’s here, you’ll easily see it’s far more capable and larger than competing vans from names like Ford or Ram.

It’s rare to find a roomy passenger van for under $30,000, yet that’s exactly the price you’ll find for the Metris. With a cargo volume of 186 cubic feet, you can see just how much space you have inside. However, it’s just the start in what you’ll appreciate about its size and design.

Thanks to having a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, it’s made to take on the open road for long trips. If you have a transit business that requires lengthy drives on highways, this vehicle comes close to a crossover SUV than what you’d expect in most standard passenger vans.

Take a look at the sizing options and features, plus design elements you and your passengers will surely appreciate.

Variations on Size

The great thing about all Mercedes passenger vans is they give you more customization than almost any other vehicle on the market. On the Metris cargo van, you get some variance in the wheelbase, including the roof size.

You have three rows of seats on the inside with configurations for up to seven or eight passengers. Inside the eight-passenger vans, the rear rows accommodate three people for larger groups.

As for the exterior, you have a more compact space to easier navigate in tight spaces on streets, or in cramped parking garages. If you frequently transport people to other places, parking can become a major issue with larger vans. The compactness on the Metris stands alone to help you park with ease and reduce accident risk.

Ample cargo capacity is another major strong point when you just have to transport items in the back of your vehicle.

Door Design

Your transit business may require having to haul individuals with mobility issues. The Metris takes this into account through the exterior design and how people enter the vehicle. A rear tailgate door make it easy to enter or exit from the back, particularly if transporting people in wheelchairs.

Double rear doors are also available that enable maximum clearance for wheelchairs or for any passenger. In a case where you’re only hauling cargo, it gives you plenty of space without obstructions.

In addition, you can get a cargo Metris with a sliding door on the passenger side. A sliding door is available on the driver side for vans transporting people.

Special Designs for the Driver

Older passenger vans didn’t used to focus as much on the comfort of the driver, which was always a mistake. Mercedes-Benz understands that making your driver comfortable for long road trips is essential to prevent accidents.

The Metris provides this through features like a full navigation system with a 5.8-inch color screen. A multi-function steering wheel lets the driver control everything conveniently without having to lean over to press dashboard buttons.

Those driving have plenty of storage space in the dashboard so their personal belongings won’t get in the way. They’ll even aid in providing amenities to passengers through an automatic climate control system. On hot days, air flow is easily manageable through the push of one button.

Along with full connectivity (including wireless capabilities), the Metris lets you connect online when it’s necessary during emergencies. Through Bluetooth connections, phone calls can occur without the driver having to physically hold a mobile device.

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