The Mercedes Metris Passenger and Cargo Vans Were Recently Featured in “Los Angeles Times”

Notably, the Los Angeles Times online publication is taking notice of the 2016 arrival of the Mercedes Metris Passenger and Cargo mid-sized vans in the U.S. Considering the useful features the Metris is offering in the mid-sized van category, this likely won’t be the last article praising Mercedes’ new mid-sized van. Let’s examine the details and see how California’s popular publication is describing the MercedesMetris.

The review article is called: “Review Mercedes-Benz Metris – the Most Affordable Mercedes on the Road”, and is written by Charles Flemming on June 3, 2016. Indeed, Mercedes has never offered a mid-sized van to American markets, until now, but in Europe the Metrisis called Vito, which comes in “…all wheel drive, front-wheel drive or rear wheel drive versions, or as a camper van, and in several different lengths.”

The Metris, on the other hand, is FWD and comes with a 4-cylinder, 2-liter, 208 hp turbocharged engine, and has a seven-speed automatic transmission. The main benefits the Metris is designed to offer is better gas mileage, coupled with better navigation and parking capability in cities. The article backs this up when describing the Metris mid-sized van:

“Aimed at the commercial user – the passenger vans for hotels or rental car agencies running shuttles; the cargo vans for plumbers, electricians or cable installers – the Metris machines are easy to drive and easy to park. With fuel economy at a claimed 22 miles per gallon combined city and highway, they are also relatively inexpensive to operate.”

This is true, especially, when comparing the Metris to the competition like the larger Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, or Chevy Express with its V-8 engine. The article goes on to say:

“The mid-sized van brings some of the capabilities of the larger van, but is has better handling…” And elaborating further: “…the Metrisvehicles are lightweight, and drive more like sedans.”

One would assume a mid-sized van, that has a smaller engine and feels like a sedan, would also lack power and payload capability, yet theMetris proves this assumption wrong by combining the best of both worlds. With its 258 pound-feet of torque and turbocharged engine, the Metris has a 2,500 pound payload capacity and a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. Yet, the mid-sized van remains lightweight with an advertised curb weight of 4,500 pounds.

The article goes on to compare these capabilities with the competition when it states:

“Mercedes claims the Metris is shorter and has a lower roofline than the Chevy Express, but has a greater payload. At only 13 inches longer, Mercedes says, the Metris has 50% more payload and 45% more power than the Transit Connect.”

The review also sheds some positive light upon the Metris when it says:

“All that torque creates convincing pep, and feels like it’s coming from a bigger engine. The Metris is quiet and feels competent around town and on the freeway, accelerating easily in and out of traffic.”

All in all, this recent review by a major U.S. publication is very favorable toward the Metris mid-sized cargo and passenger vans. Time will tell how well these luxury mid-sized vans fare with the competition, yet Mercedes already has “…penetrated the U.S. larger-style van market, up to a point. Of about 300,000 units sold last year…Mercedes’ Sprinter accounted for about 10%.”

One thing is for sure, the starting price is right with the Metris Cargo starting at $29,945, and the Metris Passenger Van starting at $33,495. These Metris mid-sized vans are small enough to fit into a standard garage, yet large enough for efficient commercial use; they’re small enough to get good gas mileage and optimally navigate city traffic, yet powerful enough to haul and tow large amounts of cargo.

The Metris Vans are sure to have appeal to both individual and business customers; Mercedes has combined the best of all worlds into their first mid-sized vans to hit the U.S. market. We’d be safe to assume this won’t be the last we hear about the Mercedes Metris Passenger and Cargo Vans; the positive review from the popular publication indicates a successful penetration into the U.S. mid-sized van market in 2016.

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