The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Has Arrived!

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 has arrived to much fanfare!

This past winter was a record setting one in Boston for snowfall.  The traditional Sprinter Cargo Van, Crew and Passenger Vans have the option of 4×4 in 2015.

The option comes with a high and low range option, but for the money I recommend my customers get both since it is only about a $100 difference.

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 has a higher ground clearance and is only available with the V6 turbo diesel.

The Sprinter 4×4 also combines Load Adaptive ESP and 4-ETS. These short videos demonstrate this advanced technology better than I could ever describe.

The option requires the V6 which is about $1,000 more and 4×4 with High/Low will be about $6900.

I suspect most dealers will not be discounting these aggressively since they will be in high demand and there will be limited available.

My suggestion to clients is that they custom order their sprinter 4×4. Hit the live chat button below or call me at 781-688-1073 to discuss your particular needs.

We have 4 dealerships within the Prime Motor Group that have Sprinter 4×4 Vans for sale.  We are one the largest dealership groups in the North East and can handle all of your Sprinter Parts, Service and Sales.

We even have a Sprinter  Airstream dealership in our Scarborough, Maine location.

If I were building a custom Sprinter 4×4, I would definitely get heated seats and a heated windshield.  I have heated seats on my Sprinter Crew Van and they are my favorite option(my kids love them too).

The first thing I hit on a cold New England morning is the heated seat which kicks in very quickly and has three levels of comfort.

We also have a cold weather package which includes insulation in the front and back, heated seats, rear defroster and a 17,000 BTU fuel fired heater booster.