The Unique Benefits of MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans


In this space, some of our posts have introduced refrigerated vans to our readers. But in many cases, if your business carries perishable items or other products that require temperature control, you already know that a refrigerated van can significantly benefit your business. What you need to know is what make and model you should choose to best help you accomplish your transportation goals.

That question can be difficult to answer. But we have one suggestion: take a closer look at a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van. Its unique advantages make it a perfect match for any business looking to transport refrigerated or temperature-controlled goods.

Top of the Line Refrigeration Units

When you purchase a refrigerated Sprinter van from us, you can be sure that it will be outfitted with systems from the most reliable and high-quality truck up fitters in the nation. ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, and Cool Fox have all helped us build in refrigeration units, which is a crucial part of making sure that your cargo always remains safe.

Regardless of what you transport, the fact that you need a refrigerated truck to begin with means that you absolutely have to have a reliable temperature control system. If you set a temperature and it’s not quite right, or – worse – it simply doesn’t work, you risk spoiling your goods. That’s why buying top of the line is so crucial.

Of course, your use of the Sprinter’s refrigeration capabilities does not end at the point of purchase. That’s why we make it a point to educate our customers on the units built into their vehicles prior to the purchase. As a result, you will leave the lot confident that you can operate your vehicle reliably and successfully.

Ample Cargo Space

What good is a refrigeration unit if you don’t have the necessary space to transport your goods? Especially over long distances, making multiple trips is simply not an option. You need a van that can pack everything you need into its cargo area, and the Sprinter delivers just that.

With a refrigerated Sprinter, you’ll be able to take advantage of the same cargo space that the regular van exhibits. That means a maximum payload of up to 5,508 pounds, a cargo volume of up to 530 cubic feet, and a generous standing height allows you to pack everything you need, and even have the space necessary to load and unload it without issue.

The Ideal Vehicle for Refrigeration

Speaking of which: don’t forget that the refrigerated Sprinter van will also come with the various benefits you get from any Sprinter. If you’re wondering about which refrigerated van might be best for you, consider:

  • An engine that is second to none, thanks to quality German engineering that has made the Mercedes brand one of the top-selling car makers around the globe for decades.
  • Extensive safety features, from crosswind assist to lane assist, that allow you to stay safe on the road regardless of the conditions.
  • A 4×4 option that allows you to navigate even the roughest terrain, helping you safely deliver your refrigerated goods on time.
  • Excellent resale value that will make buying a refrigerated van a positive long-term investment for your business.

In short, any business owner or executive looking for a new refrigerated transport vehicle should give the MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van a look. And when you do, be sure to check out our dealership. Knowing that up fitting your van with a refrigeration system will cost extra money, we work closely with each customer to ensure the right financing is in place before the purchase. To learn more about our refrigeration options, and to schedule a test drive at our dealership, contact us.