The Various Industries Finding Benefits in Using MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans


The transport business is always a busy one, and everyone relies on this industry to haul items other than people. Delivery companies may have to transport edible goods requires specialized trucks to avoid spoilage and other issues. While trucks are common, they aren’t always affordable for some companies. You’re possibly one of those needing to deliver products requiring some form of refrigeration, yet don’t have a budget to buy a fleet of large trucks.

If your business is still relatively small, investing in an MB Sprinter refrigerated van is one of the smartest investments you can make. Mercedes-Benz already produces some of the best passenger and cargo vans in the marketplace. You may not know their trusted Sprinter vans come in refrigerated models.

The important thing when looking for a refrigerated van is finding one with a trusted upfitter name. In many MB refrigerated vans, you’ll find some of the best names like ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, and Cool Fox. All of these are upfitting options you can choose as part of customizing your vehicle.

Take a look at which industries benefit the most from the above.

Transporting Seafood

You may have a seafood delivery business that requires a dependable refrigeration system in a smaller vehicle. Perhaps you’ve had trouble finding other refrigerated vans fitting within your budget and ones not too large. With the MB vans, you have ample space without being too cumbersome to navigate roads or parking spaces.

Even more impressive is the customization options these vans give you, including in roof height. This helps your drivers who have to deliver seafood to various restaurants or stores throughout the day.

What’s important is finding skilled technicians from the upfitters to bring the best parts to your van’s customization.

Transporting Food for Catering Services

You may need a refrigerated van to deliver catered food to various local cities and towns. Fortunately, many MB Sprinter vans with refrigeration have reliable refrigeration units to assure it keeps working without breakdowns. Again, through proper upfitting design, you can get a van holding the temperature you expect.

Plus, you want your catering service driver to have comfort as they drive. Mercedes-Benz pays extra attention to the driving section of their vans, and it’s no different with the refrigerated Sprinters. Along with comfortable and properly adjusted seats, the steering wheel gives you all functions through an easy push-button display.

In addition, drivers get well-designed storage in the dashboard, along with various media (like USB ports) to keep themselves entertained while driving long distances.

Floral Delivery

You may have a floral delivery business requiring decent refrigeration in the back of the Sprinter van. Thanks to being able to design how the back of your van looks, you can create it to accommodate your floral business. It includes making it a more efficient interior for your driver to move around in while loading and unloading floral deliveries.

When you consider your driver is going to spend long days using the van, they want a fit and finish making their job more enjoyable. Through many custom designs, drivers have plenty of room in the back without feeling cramped.

Delivering Bait

Despite these vans having numerous delivery uses, bait delivery is a unique niche requiring a special type of vehicle. The Sprinter van is a perfect choice since many bait shops don’t have the big budgets available to invest in something bigger.

At Sprinter Guy Boston, we take into account that small businesses can use these refrigerated vans for so much while paying well below $30,000 for something exceptional.

Contact us to learn more about our Sprinter refrigerated van inventory so we can help you design a delivery van that’s classy and comfortable.