Using a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Gives You More Room for Your Transport Business


When the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 came out last year, it almost immediately sold out for good reason. With versatility available and durability like no other passenger van out there, it gives you everything you need when you have to travel long distances. Even better is that it gives you superior performance for extremely long road trips thanks to a 3.0-liter diesel V-6 engine.

Because of the superior engine, you can basically go 700 miles on one tank of gas without any problems. This was proven in the extensive road tests many reviewers gave the Sprinter 4×4 last year. In many of those tests, drivers took the van out in rugged territory to see if there were any limitations.

They found virtually none because of 325 pound feet of torque and the amazing horsepower. While driving in mountainous terrain, the engine held up beautifully, which should appeal to you if you have to transport people long distances.

If you have a transport business where you have to drive people multiple miles, the Sprinter 4×4 is a smart buy. Take a look at its other features that can assure a comfortable and safe trip for you and your passengers.

Versatility In Your Sprinter

The 4×4 is the most versatile passenger van on the market, giving you numerous configurations to suit your own business tastes or needs. When people bought these new, dealerships could customize them to the finest detail. Now you can find many of those on the used market with front bench seats, a second row of seats, and even divided cargo space as just starters.

You could choose either a long or short wheelbase, whether you wanted side-panel glass, or how high you wanted the roof. In the latter case, they offered roofs up to seven feet high.

Plus, color choices were extensive, going from aqua green to velvet red. The upholstery color also had several different options.

More on the Interior, and Seating

Through the customization options above, you can nearly make the interior suit your brand. At the same time, the comfort level will never make passengers feel uncomfortable on long excursions. You get about 586 cubic feet of space in the back end of the Sprinter 4×4, which some use merely for storage.

Adding seats, you can haul up to eight people, along with a configuration to add windows next to each seat. Placing windows there is necessary when you’re transporting people hundreds of miles every day.

Safety Features

Mercedes-Benz always takes safety very seriously in all their passenger vans. They’ve added myriad safety features to the Sprinter 4×4, some of which you can’t find anywhere else.

Despite having standard safety tools like dual front side-mounted airbags and occupant airbags, Mercedes gives you innovative technology like stability control. They add to this with abilities like emergency braking assist, traction control, as well as a back-up camera.

Added safety items include a first-aid kit, and fog lamps. This includes an emergency flashlight so you’re prepared for virtually anything.

Comfort for the Driver

All of your drivers need as much comfort as the passengers for obvious reasons. The Sprinter 4×4 gives you height-adjustable front seats to cater to the size of your driver. Since the latter may have to sit for long hours while driving our nation’s highways, the dashboard area gives them plenty of convenience.

In the latter case, they get a large overhead console for easy storage of their personal items. Plus, entertainment options are extensive. These include a five-speaker stereo system, USB connections, and a Bluetooth wireless data link so they can talk on the phone without having to hold a mobile device.

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