What Design Features Can You Enjoy With an MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger?

An MB Minibus Sprinter is a popular choice for those looking for a more affordable and smaller passenger van to use in a business. Whether it’s a commuter shuttle, an airport shuttle, hotel shuttle, or for para-transit transportation, a minibus from Mercedes-Benz gives style and options other dealers sometimes neglect. What makes Mercedes extra good is their ability to let you choose your own wheelbase size.

Depending on the type of transport business you have, the interior configuration is going to matter in accommodating those in wheelchairs, or how many people at a time you haul.

Even better is the devoted attention to safety technology in these vans. Everything from stabilization safety to back-up cameras are on each Sprinter minibus to assure your driving is secure. But the design of the bus is a major part of why so many love using these for transporting passengers.

Comfort of the driver is important, especially when traveling long distances. Take a look at the design of these minibuses to demonstrate how stylish the exterior and interior is.

The Familiar Exterior of Mercedes Minibuses

The Sprinter line from Mercedes-Benz has an especially appealing exterior that gives real class to your passenger van. Appearance always counts when you’re running a transport service.

Thanks to the familiar detailed Mercedes grille and their contoured headlights, you’ll have a minibus with strong physical appeal. You even have a chiseled bumper for more protection during times when you bump an object while in parking lots or other locations.

Superior craftsmanship is a major part of the Mercedes-Benz brand that’s visible from every angle when someone sees your minibus from outside.

Efficient and Ergonomic Interior

Driving your minibus for long hours should give you the best in ergonomics and efficiency so drivers don’t feel constantly uncomfortable. Older minibuses from other companies frequently didn’t pay enough attention to the comfort of the driver. Because your drivers are likely on the road for long stretches while transporting people to airports or hotels, they need a cockpit full of amenities.

The Sprinter gives a multi-function steering wheel so the driver can choose how they want to steer in the way they feel most comfortable. There isn’t anything worse than having to steer a vehicle that just doesn’t conform to one’s body shape. It can lead to physical injuries later when done repeatedly on a daily basis.

You can say the same for the gear shift lever. Mercedes makes the Sprinter gear shift easy to control so it’s not a constant burden or physical danger.

Dashboard storage is also plentiful so the driver can safely store important documentation or personal items while on the road. No more do they have to set things on a dashboard ledge or on the seat to transport their own items.

A high-gloss panel makes the entire driving section look attractive. Psychologically, this appeals to your passengers who know they’re driving in a quality vehicle.

Connecting Online

A minibus transporting people should never hit the road without connectivity. Mercedes makes sure of this with a Bluetooth telephone system, audio streaming, USB connections, and an iPod interface.

Your passengers will appreciate this so you can connect to the online world quickly if having a driving emergency. The wireless audio streaming lets a driver play music to entertain customers. Or, if your driver wants to wear an iPod while driving, it gives them opportunity to bring some personal entertainment to relieve boredom.

Navigation System

Another strong feature is Mercedes’s option to install a navigation system in each minibus with easy reading and use. It’s essential to have this for all your drivers, because you never know when they may get inadvertently lost. A new driver may forget how to reach a destination and need a navigation tool to assure they arrive on time.

Passengers appreciate navigation systems to save them time having to sit for hours waiting to go home or to catch a flight.

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