When Small Works Better: Knowing the Benefits of a Mercedes Metris Cargo Van

In the past few months, we’ve highlighted many of the benefits of a Sprinter Cargo Van in this space. The quality engine, alongside plenty of safety features and a spacious interior, makes it a perfect fit for any business looking to transport equipment, materials, or any other type of cargo. Refrigeration options increase the convenience.

But depending on your business and location, a Sprinter is actually not the perfect choice for your business. In fact, you may be better served with a smaller vehicle that still gives you many of the same benefits that a Sprinter van can offer. Enter the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van.

The Sprinter’s Smaller Brother

Think of all the reasons you love the Sprinter. Its safety features are second to none, the engine purrs, and the quality of manufacturing is so high that the resale value outpaces any other vehicle in its class. In summary, it’s a great investment for your business.

Now imagine these benefits, but in a smaller vehicle. The Metris still comes with excellent safety ratings and features, and the engine is similar (and in parts identical) to the Sprinter. But it all comes in a smaller package, which might leave you wondering: why would I want a smaller vehicle? As it turns out, your situation may dictate or suggest that you do.

Situations Made for the Metris

Any business that operates in a large city like Boston knows: navigating tight streets can be difficult with a large vehicle. That’s especially true if your business takes you into downtown neighborhoods that were clearly not made for large cargo vans like the Sprinter.

But what if your business needs to enter just these streets? Whether you operate a catering service or any other type of delivery, you often don’t have a choice. Even if you run a construction business that aims to help apartment owners optimize their space, these types of driving environment will be the norm.

That’s where the Metris comes into play. As mentioned above, it has all the benefits of a Sprinter but with greater convenience. Mercedes has shortened the length by more than 30 inches, which reduces the cargo volume by a bit over 100 cubit feet. If you need to transport large pieces of equipment or material, that’s a problem. But if navigability matters more, your choice is a no-brainer.

Considering the Added Benefits

In addition, the Metris also adds another set of benefits you should not ignore. The engine, for example, does not run on Diesel like the Sprinter, but includes a turbocharged feature that will be easy on your wallet. So will the price: cargo models start at $30,000, a full $7,000 less than the Sprinter alternative.

Considering these additional benefits, your choice is surprisingly easy. If you need the space, or the 4×4 capability to drive through even the toughest terrain, go with the Sprinter. But if maneuverability and flexibility is key to your business success, the Metris is a great alternative – and, in many cases, should be your preferred choice.

Of course, you don’t know which vehicle actually feels right for your business until you check them out in person. Both come with the benefit of being Mercedes vans, which means you know that as soon as you get behind the wheel, you will feel the power and durability that make these vehicles a must-add to your fleet. But when it comes to deciding between the two, we encourage you to give both a test drive.

When the time for the decision comes, we’re here to help you make the right one for your business. We don’t have a stake in selling you one over the other, which means that we will help you buy the right vehicle for your business needs. To learn more about the Metris, and its potential benefits for your business, contact us.