Why Rent When You Can Buy? The Benefits of the MB Sprinter Limo For Your Corporate Fleet


If you run a business, regardless of size, keeping your employees happy is a crucial part of long-term success. In fact, employee job satisfaction has been shown to be a crucial factor in their productivity. That’s why events such as company outings and company-paid shuttles to important events have risen so much in popularity over the last decade.

When organizing such an employee-focused event, you may not think about the travel it takes to get there. Most likely, you simply tell everyone to meet at the stadium, park or other location. But do you have to? What if you made the trip part of the outing, turning it into a crucial team-building exercise?

Renting a Limo For Company Trips

The reason you probably haven’t thought of the above option is the fact that renting a limousine for such a corporate event can both be expensive and risky. Put simply, you don’t want to have to worry about your employees accidentally damaging the car before returning, which could have a negative impact on both your budget and your insurance.

Add to that the fact that renting a limo can quickly drain your budget, and we get to the root of why corporate events don’t typically include the trip. That does not, however, make it an impossible endeavor.

The Benefits of Adding a Limo to Your Corporate Fleet

Imagine the above scenario, but without the potential negative consequences. Suddenly, making the trip part of the event becomes a more attractive option. Consider these benefits:

  • Conveying a sense of luxury. Workers love feeling like they’re a part of something bigger, and nothing makes someone feel that way like a high-quality limousine that seems like traveling first class. The trip itself will be something your employees tell their family and friends about, which significantly boosts your company’s positive reputation.
  • Building a More Cohesive Team Spirit. Anyone that has been on a long road trip with someone they know has experienced the feeling of growing closer together. Long hours spent in a small space necessarily lead to talking, and enjoying the time together. You will be surprised just how much more of a team spirit your employees develop if they don’t just drive themselves, but all take the trip together to the event.
  • Boosting employee morale. Finally, don’t underestimate the rule of reciprocity. If your employees feel like you’re doing something for them, they will become much more likely to return the favor. That’s why employee happiness is so crucial to productivity, and why a limousine can be so beneficial.

Of course, even after deciding that a limousine can help your employees and your internal brand, you still need to decide which one is best. Well, we have a suggestion for you:

Introducing the MB Sprinter Limo

If you make the decision to add a limousine to your corporate fleet, you don’t just want one that you could rent at any street corner. You need something special, something that you can brand specifically for your business. You need, in other words, the Mercedes BenzSprinter Limo.

The exterior is stylish and simplistic, without screaming opulence. The exterior, on the other hand, boasts both high ceilings for easy maneuvering, and comfortable seats that would make business class in most airlines blush. Add that to custom features like an integrated bar and a flat screen TV, and you realize just why the Sprinter Limo is a perfect fit for your business.

In this vehicle, you can give company executive and corporate guests what they expect, and your employees regular trips to remember. To learn more about customizing a limo to fit your business, contact us.