Why You Should Choose the MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger for Your Guests

If your business transports guests to anywhere on or off of the property, there are quite a few reasons why you should choose the MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger van for your guests and we are going to cover a few of them in this article.

Luxury and Presentation

Let’s be honest, you have the ability to present your property in style and luxury and that is exactly what the Mercedes Benz Minibus Sprinter allows you to do. For example, if you have a five-star resort then anything but the best simply won’t do. You don’t want your guests to remember their experience as anything less than perfect which means that you don’t want to hear, “The resort was spectacular but the van they transported us certainly wasn’t.”

Resort owners who are the most successful know that it takes attention to every single detail. From the grounds and the amenities to the interior and yes, even the passenger vehicles. With the Mercedes Benz Minibus Sprinter, you won’t have to worry that guests are more than satisfied with their experience.

Bells and Whistles

One thing that is important to your guests is having comfort while they are along for the ride but it’s more than that. Your guests want to have all of the little extras that make their trip not only comfortable but more accessible. That means that having things like 12v power outlets for charging their electronics. This is perfect for all types of travelers, whether they are on a business trip or one of pleasure – all of their electronics are easily accessed from cell phones to tablets and cameras. In fact, there is even an auxiliary adapter and SD card reader as well.

Now when it comes to on-board entertainment, guests will ride in comfort while choosing to listen to the radio, CD/DVD player, or check out one of the 14 television screens that are built into each of the headrests.

And speaking of comfort, the Mercedes Minibus Sprinter never passes up an opportunity to allow its passengers the utmost in luxury and style. So when it comes to seating, each seat is a bucket seat and there are 15 individual ones for each passenger. Each one also comes with an individual head rest and those include the television screens that were mentioned earlier.

Let’s also not forget the cargo area. At almost two feet long, there is plenty of space for whatever your passengers need to carry along with them. So, whether it’s golf clubs, luggage, diving gear, or even rock climbing gear – your passengers will have all of the room they need to store what they need for the trip without having to worry about giving up precious room.

Mercedes Benz – A Classic Choice

There is nothing like showing your guests the ultimate in luxury travel and as everyone knows, driving a Mercedes Benz is the perfect way to do that. Along with the features that allow your passengers all of the amenities they crave, there are plenty of safety features for the driver so that everyone can be safe while on the road, whether it’s a short drive or a longer one. Many of the safety features are standard and a few are optional but every single one of them is the epitome of innovation with safety enhancements that far exceed what other vehicles bring to the table.

If you would like to learn more about the MB Minibus Sprinter or any of the other fine Mercedes Benz vehicles we have to offer, simplycontact us and we will be more than happy to help you in any way possible.